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 Compressor Fridge/Freezers

The champions of the cooling league

Truly portable
Like all WAECO Products the CFX and CoolFreeze compressor fridge/freezers are designed for people on the move. Truly portable you can take your fridge/freezer anywhere. They operate on 12/24V DC and most with 240V built in. If 240V is not standard, accessories make it optional, for the ultimate freedom and independence.

WAECO CFX – the next generation portable fridge
The CFX range of fridge/freezers provides the latest cooling technology with superior performance and energy efficiency.  Ensuring performance and functionality even in the harshest environments, WAECO CFX is equipped with a WAECO compressor, which is specifically designed for Australian conditions. In addition, the fridge range boasts durable features such as strong drop down handles, robust metal hinges and a sturdy lid latch in combination with practical features such as an ergonomic control panel, cord organiser, reversible lid and a USB charging port.

CoolFreeze – from compact to jumbo size requirements
The CoolFreeze range consists of 8 models. From the compact CF-18 to the large capacity CF-110, WAECO offers cooling solutions to suit every need.

Portable fridge accessories
WAECO offers a wide range of accessories to maximise the use of our portable fridge/freezers.  Choose power options like the RAPS36 battery pack or Solar Panels to power your fridge at remote locations. Or select from a range of protective covers, fridge slides and fixing options and make the most out of your fridge.

CoolFreeze Fridge/Freezers
CoolFreeze Accessories & Spare Parts

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