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 CoolFreeze Accessories & Spare Parts

WAECO accessories to complement your compressor fridge/freezer

All-round protection for your fridge/freezer
Insulated protective covers protect your valuable companion from moisture, mud and dust. In addition, they improve the energy efficiency by adding insulation.

For a secure hold in the vehicle
Travelling can be tough and full of surprises. For safe mounting, Universal Fixing Kit options are available in addition to a range of fridge slides, which will secure your fridge to the vehicle while on the move, and extend out for easy reach and convenience while stationary.

Fridge Power Kit
The heavy duty CoolPower RAPS12R-U2 Fridge Power Wiring Kit is highly recommended for replacement of standard vehicle cigarette lighter sockets, which are often inadequate to properly run fridges due to thin wiring and associated voltage drops. Suits all WAECO compressor fridge/freezers.

CoolPower36 Battery Pack
Awarded the Adventure Gear Guide Innovation Award, the CoolPower RAPS36 Battery Pack eliminates all fridge power problems, giving you 36 amp hours of remote power from a deep-cycle battery with superior discharge/charging cycle capacity. For double the power, two RAPS36 units can easily combined with the RAPS72Kit.

Solar Panels
WAECO Solar Panels are available in two sizes with 80 watt and 120 watt capacities and are the perfect alternative to charge your batteries. Featuring adjustable feet which can be directed towards the sun throughout the day, these solar panels also feature an inbuilt 10 amp heavy duty voltage regulator.

Perfect accessories for your fridge/freezer
WAECO portable fridge accessories make the most of the powerful performance of your fridge/freezer and ensure optimum versatility. The range also includes a fridge stand and 240-volt Adaptors for those units without AC built in.

Protective Cover for CDF-35
Protective Cover for CDF-45
Protective Cover CF-18
Protective Cover for CF-25
Protective Cover for CF-60
Protective Cover for CF-80
Protective Cover for CF-110
RAPS 12R-U2 Fridge Power Kit
RAPS 36 Battery Pack
CoolFreeze Universal Fixing Kit
Fridge Slide SLD-060
Fridge Slide SLD-110
CoolFreeze fridge stand
EPS-817A Adapter
12 volt cable for CF25/35/40/50/60
12 volt cable for CF-18
12 volt cable for CF-80/110
240 volt cable for CF range and CR140
Hinge Assembly for CF80/110
Latch assembly for CF-80/110
Lid Lanyard to suit CF-50/60
Lid Lanyard to suit CF-80/110
Light Assembly for CF-35/40
Light Assembly for all models except CF-35/40
Charge Cable for RAPS36

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